We’re trying to make gaming more welcoming to girls but there’s just too many trolls in here

Women gamers tend to be more intelligent than the average male gamer. I’ll caveat that this is based purely on my own anecdotal experience but I wanted an attention grabbing first line to appear in the preview panel ;-). We know intelligent people tend to be less susceptible to advertising so irrespective of our own opinions otherwise it’s easy to see why the marketing money is spent pitching at young men.

New Troll and Old Troll (Front)

New Troll and Old Troll (Front) (Photo credit: Dunechaser)

We shouldn’t blame the industry as a whole. The hard working creators of games do not create their products trying to keep women out, they make them for anyone who would enjoy them so why a small subset of gamers in immature male trolls feel games are their exclusive domain baffles me.

The success of a marketing campaign can only really be measured in sales numbers and the low-hanging-fruit in this case are young men who can be convinced to pre-order any game of sequel number four or higher. But this male-oriented marketing only serves to reinforce the idea that hardcore gaming is a male only affair.

Mature gamers male and female alike are working to dispel this myth of male entitlement in favour of equality but it’s hard to do in-game without feeding the trolls. There are people who believe the world is flat and there is nothing we can say to convince them otherwise. Likewise with immature gamers how can we reason with people who won’t listen, who instead respond with a barrage of insults they would never say to someone’s face.

There needs to be real-world implications. The British Police have already started prosecuting for grossly offensive tweets, maybe this should be applied to in-game chatter as well. Even permabans are having little effect.


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