Microsoft set to boost PC sales

Historic Microsoft photo of Paul Allen (left) ...

Historic Microsoft photo of Paul Allen (left) and Bill Gates (respectively) on October 19, 1981 surrounded by PCs after signing a major contract with IBM to develop software for its upcoming PC line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who follows the tech industry as a whole will know PC sales have plummeted and many industry analysts put a sizeable part of the blame on Microsoft for the disastrously un-intuitive Windows 8.

I’ve been delighted to see Microsoft rectify this and announce plans set to boost PC sales… by revealing details for an utterly terrible xbox one.

Signing in once a day doesn’t sound too bad on the surface but when we look at the availability issues Microsoft has had with Office 365 then what do we do when we need to “check in” at a time they’re down? I can do always on but I’m not confident Microsoft can. What about later on down the line when the xbox 4 comes out, are they going to turn the serves off and force us to upgrade?

I don’t like the idea of having to beg Microsoft to let me play my games (and they are my games because I paid for them) and them having the ability to turn my console into a very expensive brick when it’s no longer profitable for them.

What this console war has abundantly hammered home to me is just how flexible and open PC gaming is. A friend of mine was telling me about Skyrim mods, I love Skyrim but finding out about some of these high end mods makes me feel I lost out. Some are like having a near-professionally made 20+ hour DLC pack but for free.

If Microsoft insist on viewing me as a wallet on legs then I’m going to use those legs and walk.

Today I cancelled my xbox live automatic renewal subscription.


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