Tax? Let me Google that for you

In recent months much has been said about multi-billion pound companies not paying “enough” tax in the UK. It’s important to note that these are for the most part not originally British companies – Google, Amazon, Starbucks…


google_logo (Photo credit: keso)

Whilst the politicians have succeeded in generating lots of press about this, in my own anecdotal experience the general consensus amongst the educated sections of the British middle class is they’ve done nothing wrong. The belief being that as no law has been broken, the onus lies on the law makers to refine the rules to make them pay.

We haven’t boycotted Google, although that may be because no-one wants to ‘Bing’ anything. Really. No-one.

But of course we’d like these big foreign multi- billion pound companies to pay more tax without closing off t

he same/similar loop-holes being used by mere multi-million pound British companies. It’s that contradiction that I’m struggling with. Should we give British companies a legislated ‘leg up’ on British soil? It seems so anti-competitive. Unfair.

No, we should compete head to head. We may want Google to pay more tax but if we won’t do it in law we should stop talking about it in the press.


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