Do Kids still lend games?

Starting this post in typical Yorkshire fashion: When I was a lad I remember taking my copy of EA’s NHLPA 93 (which incidentally I bought for £5 un-boxed 2nd hand off the market) to a fellow hockey-loving friend’s house, plugging it into his Mega-drive and it JustWorkedTM.


(on a side note, Go Sharks! Whoop!)

I’d even lend it to him for a few weeks at a time so he could practice and we could have competitive two player matches. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones who did this, we all must have got sick of the “you always win ‘cause you own the game” arguments.

I’m wondering if this is still the case. Single/split-screen multi-player games have been becoming a rarity with the trend now being I buy my copy, you buy your copy, and we all sit at home on our own playing over interweb. I’m showing my age here but multi-player gaming always used to be a social thing where you’d get together with your friends, chat, and have a few drinks (beer now, budget supermarket cola then).

I’m a big fan of Xbox Live’s Games on Demand. You can’t sell them. You can’t lend them. But importantly you don’t have to get up off your arse to change the game. If I’m too lazy to walk across my living room I’m far far too lazy to walk down to a shop and sell them.

The move towards post-physical non-transferable game licences’ suits people like me with disposable incomes fine but it’s the younger-me who had more time and liked to share with friends that loose out.


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