Will the next xbox be free on a 24 month contract?

Spoiler warning,       no.

some cell phones in my house

some cell phones in my house (Photo credit: seanaes)

The more I think about it the more gaming seems to suit a cell-phone style subscription model. Suppose you could pay £50 a month and for that you could get unlimited game downloads and playtime. Don’t game much? What if you could pay by the hour. Options including £20 for 20 hours or unlimited (or infinite even?) for £50. That could justify for me the ‘always online’ rumour of the next xbox, after all we need to ensure users are paid up.

Publishers could get paid from your subs by the amount of hours you play their game for. That would encourage them to put out good quality games rather than market the crap out of rushed unfinished rubbish ones.

Would you care about not being able to sell second hand games if you only paid by the hour rather than investing £50 upfront for a game?

Pure speculation and I don’t think the gaming market is ready for such a radically different model, but I can’t honestly think of any other reason for an ‘always online’ home console. Unless there’s something more to it, it just seems so utterly utterly stupid.


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